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OmniLyte ECA Generators
(The Industry Leader in Clean Water with Envirolyte Systems)

Experience what an Electrolyzed water (EW) solution can do to your water.  OmniLyte has helped countless organizations across multiple industries achieve healthier outputs and increased profits thanks to the benefits of ECA solutions.

What do ECA Generators Do?

Electro-chemically activated (ECA) generators utilize electrolyzed water technology to produce solutions for numerous applications. This process, also known as electrolyzed water (Anolyte/Catholyte), uses only water, salt brine, and electricity, creating two distinct solutions that are powerful, and universal for multiple uses. 


 Catholyte is an alkaline detergent that serves as an excellent washing liquid that removes surface oil, grease, and heavy metals

ECA generator water purification system
water disinfectant generator
Omnilyte XE-series ECA Generator_edited.png

Have Questions?

Whatever your challenge, our team of experts can help you find the right water treatment system for your operation.

How does the ECA technology work?

Anolyte and catholyte solutions are created when the ECA generator uses an electrolyzer (cell) to activate a common salt solution. A diaphragm separates the two solutions into a positive anode chamber and a negative cathode chamber, each having an electrode. A direct electrical current pass through the solution creating the anolyte and catholyte solutions in their respective chambers.


What are the Benefits of the ECA Solutions?

ECA solutions are uniquely distinct and offer cost saving chemicals. 

You can meet your disinfectants and cleaning needs with simple requirements such as salt, water, and electricity. Our ECA generators are controlled by an easy-to-operate PLC touchscreen interface, allowing the operator to control critical parameters accurately, and ensure correct dosing for particular applications.

ELA OmniLyte ecawater generator

Why Choose OmniLyte ECA Generators?

OmniLyte is a dynamic leader in the ECA industry, pivoting on many years of experience on accomplished projects across North America across a variety of Industries.


We offer an extensive portfolio of generators to suit your requirements with the highest durability, simplicity, and unmatched performance. Envirolyte ECA generators are best in class due to patented high-capacity electrolysis cells. These membrane-type cells allow the anolyte and catholyte solutions to be separated into two separate streams. This advancement allows the precise processing of controlled, efficient, distinctive solutions. The benefits of pure HOCl derived from the targeted PH range become immediately evident when used as a biocide.


Other ECA generators use basic electrolytic cells that cannot separate the solutions, creating a basic single-purpose mixed solution that does not have the efficiency and controlled target specification.

Anolyte Organic Status Certifications

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Service & Installation

With years of experience, an elite team of technicians can install and service your system with prompt after sale support. Since 2014, we have designed, installed, and serviced many successful ECA generator systems across North America.


With offices in the USA and Canada, OmniLyte offers various machine options and accessories such as ECA generator water pre-treatment, salt brine tanks, product solution tanks, flow meters, metering pumps, instrumentation, and more. We use the highest quality parts and suppliers to ensure the highest reliability of our ECA systems. Based on system requirements, capacity, and specifications, OmniLyte can provide a free design quote, including a floor layout and a process diagram of the system. Additionally, we manufacture custom skid-mounted, plug-play equipment allowing for quick installation.

Applications and Benefits

The solutions produced by our ECA Generators can be utilized across many applications wherever there is a need for water purification and disinfecting, including agriculture, food and beverage, healthcare, and drinking water, to name just a few.

Legionella Prevention

Food & Beverage Industry

water generator prevents legionella
water generator for food and beverage industry

Legionella has been identified as a major problem in multi-occupancy buildings such as hotels, hospitals, hostels, schools, military establishments, nursing homes, and office blocks. Every year people die in hospitals, not from the disease that they were being treated for, but from infection by this deadly bacteria that they contracted from the hospital’s water system.

Due to the soaring price of energy many operators of these buildings reduce the overall temperature of the hot water system which can increase the risk of infection by the Legionella bacterium.

Our Anolyte ECA generators have several applications, such as CIP, disinfecting mains water, bottle washing, and cleaning conveyor and transport systems. These solutions provide safe sanitation and an additional detergent option to the food and beverage processor without compromising product quality and safety. Anolyte can eliminate harmful microorganisms and help extend the shelf life of perishable food products.

Bottled Ionized Water

ECO generators producing alkaline bottled water

OmniLyte ECO generators are designed to produce alkaline ionized drinking water, which hydrates you faster and more efficiently than regular water. Omnilyte Alkalizer series technology produces clean, high-capacity alkaline water resulting in pleasant-tasting water that retains its beneficial Alkaline minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which are important for your health.

Drinking Water

purified drinking water from generator

To protect drinking water from disease-causing organisms or pathogens, it is often necessary to disinfect the water. The disinfection is often a two-step process:


Primary disinfection to secure the water from the water source. Secondary disinfection is to secure the water in the distribution network and storage system.


ECA technology offers significant advantages offering the simplicity of primary and secondary disinfection in one system at low levels of free chlorine (0.1–0.5 ppm). ECA offers durable residual disinfection while effectively removing biofilm and reducing DBP over conventional systems.

Agriculture and Livestock

livestock water purification system

ECA offers eco-friendly and cost-effective water treatment and disinfectant programs for the whole farm. With their potent bactericidal and extractive qualities, ECA Solutions offer a wide range of applications to the farming industry. At the same time, the solutions achieve a substantial decrease in toxic emissions and, with low costs, allow large savings over more expensive conventional methods. These solutions are safe to handle and do not need to store hazardous chemicals.

Seafood Processing

Seafood water treatment system

Shelf-life limits and spoilage of seafood are ongoing dilemmas for processors. In the factory environment, seawater is often used as a medium for transporting fresh fish from one processing point to the next. Throughout processing, sea water becomes progressively soiled allowing micro-organisms to flourish thus pre-empting spoilage. ECA solutions eliminate and control all pathogenic organisms, including Staphylococcus Aureus and E.coli (0157).

ECA reduces the overall microbial bio-load of spoilage organisms, thereby substantially reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Greenhouse water generator

“Sustainable” In-House Water Treatment Plants For Propagation, Nursery and Flower Production, Green-houses, Sterilizing, Disinfecting, and Cleaning.

There are many applications for greenhouses, such as misting, fogging, and spraying, for effective bacterial and algae control. ECA Solutions can be used to disinfect process water to improve vegetation growth while eliminating biofilm, bacteria, fungi, parasites & diseases.

Cooling Towers

cooling-tower water purification solutions

Wherever you have water with temperatures between 20 and 50 deg C there exists the possibility for bacterial growth. The bacteria attach themselves to the sides of pipework and tanks by extruding polysaccharide filaments. Over a relatively short period of time, a layer of bio-film can build up to several millimeters thick to act as an insulator. One millimeter of bio-film can reduce heat transfer through a heat exchanger by between 30 and 60%. ECO offers a simple, efficient, cost-effective control for this application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science behind ECA Generators?

The basic principle behind the electrochemical activation of water (ECA) is electrolysis. Electrolysis is when liquids or solutions are transformed into oxidized or reduced forms by applying an electric current - in this case, to dilute a saline solution. Some of the oxidized substances created, mainly hypochlorous acid (HOCL), are formed from chloride contained in the solution and are in what’s called a “metastable” state, which means they try to return to their original form by oxidizing other substances, such as any organic substances found in the water. Thus, the water coming from the anode side has oxidizing and disinfecting properties, while the catholyte solutions from the cathode side are high-alkaline detergent-reducing agents.

The high electrical charge (ORP) of anolyte solutions creates an oxidizing environment in which microbes like viruses and bacteria cannot survive.


What kind of generators does OmniLyte carry?

OmniLyte designs and assembles ECA Anolyte systems ranging from 5-1585 gallons (20-6000 Litres) per hour, with a range of 100-7000mg/l FAC HOCL 4-7.5ph.

The Omnilyte Alkalizer Pro-4800 Series ECA Generators are engineered to produce high-quality Alkaline Ionized Water at high capacity (4000 gallons per hour) with a compact footprint.


What is Anolyte?

Anolyte produced from ECA is a natural disinfectant proven to be more effective than bleach, with the added benefit that microorganisms do not build up a tolerance to the solution. Anolyte is available in both Neutral or Acidic forms depending on the application. Neutral Anolyte is an activated blend of Acidic Anolyte and Catholyte and typically holds a pH of around 7 and can replace toxic chemical formulations with safe handling. Acidic Anolyte holds a pH range from 2-6ph and can replace traditional chemical solutions for rapid micro kill when needed.


What is Catholyte?

Catholyte is Super Exited Highly Alkaline Surfactant Detergent, which is an excellent washing liquid that removes surface oil, grease, and heavy metals from water through precipitation and flocculation. It has many different uses, such as washing operations, bio-stimulation procedures, increasing ph in water systems, and precipitation of heavy metals and organic matter during water purification or extraction of essential oils. All Synthesized Electrolyzed Aqua Solutions revert to their natural state as water and salt as 100% Totally-Green By-Products. Additionally, it eliminates all hazards associated with the transportation, handling, and storage of dangerous chemicals

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