Laundry and Hospitality


We want the hospitality industry to look further than just “trying green” and embrace a whole new philosophy associated with the terminology of eco-solutions and environmental responsibility. In order to achieve that Envirolyte anolyte is used for a variety of applications in hotels to provide clean and microbial-free water, environments, and facilities.

The anolyte biocide can be used in hot and cold water, open or closed systems. It is a highly efficient, versatile, and cost-effective way to maintain health and hygiene standards throughout a hotel and in a way that is demonstrably environmentally sensitive. These products can replace up to 80% of the existing chemicals purchased for the operation of the whole hospitality facility. Due to the product’s water concentration, there is no detergent residue left behind on surfaces, as we have seen with old chemicals in the past. The residue is a breeding ground for dirt and germs.


The product is made up of 99,69% water. It can be ingested or dispersed into the environment, has no harmful effects on humans or the earth, and yet still acts as a world-leading virus and bacteria killer.”


In-house laundry can also make use of Envirolyte products to replace several chemicals, like dangerous stain-removal and bleaching products. You no longer need to be exposed to these hazardous substances and catholyte compliments existing washing powders to reduce volume and cost. Envirolyte CG series catholyte generators are designed to produce catholyte on-site and on-demand from NaCl brine with NaOH concentration ranging from 1 G/L up to 16 G/L and pH ~ 11.5-13.5 which makes it an ideal solution for washing operations, bio-stimulation procedures, precipitation of heavy metals and organic matter during water purification or extraction of essential oils. Production of catholyte as a cheap, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to presently used chemical detergents.


Lavanda 6000 Catholyte Anolyte Generator