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Agriculture & Greenhouses

Grow your operation with OmniLyte

Improve the quality, production, and profitability of your horticulture operation with an OmniLyte ECA Water Generator. ECA Water generators can support plant growth, kill the eggs of plant pests and treat irrigation water for all sorts of crops such as fruits, vegetables, cannabis, and cut flowers. OmniLyte Electrolyzed Water is a powerful disinfectant ProCert approves as an input substance for organic agriculture. It is environmentally friendly and economical. 


Treating your operation with ECA Anolyte water can provide a host of benefits, including:

● Clean water for all horticultural crops free of pathogens

● Kill the eggs of plant pests with a product approved for use in organic agriculture

● Healthier and stronger starts for plants

● Enriched growth in a greenhouse environment

● Eliminating biofilm in pipes and water systems

● Eliminating biofilms that hold plant pathogens

● Powerful disinfecting agent that avoids clogging


The OmniLyte team brings over a decade of hands-on experience with ECA technology. We offer expert consultation, on-site installation, and hassle-free maintenance services.

Have Questions?

Whatever your challenge, our team of experts can help you find the right water treatment system for your operation.

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Anolyte Organic Status Certifications

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Electrolyzed Water for Food Processing

Electrolyzed Water is proven to remove pathogenic bacteria, pesticide residue, mycotoxins, and fungal mold from raw material surfaces for food safety applications with no risk of micro-organisms building up a tolerance to this charge-based technology (unlike the old-school chemical-based approaches).


How does it work?

Electrolyzed Water, also known as anolyte, generates a relatively stable and elevated micro-electrical charge in water. As with all other living organisms, microbes require energy to survive - the anolyte solution destabilizes the immediate energy environment in which microbes can live - thus eliminating them, naturally and without the need for chemical intervention.

Additional Benefits for Anolyte for Food Processing:

● Effective removal of all pathogenic bacteria

● No adverse impact on the environment and no toxin-chemical residue in the end products

● No change of texture, appearance, color, flavor, or taste of food and material

● Extension of storage time and shelf life of fruits and vegetables 


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