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Cooling Towers

Problems associated with cooling systems before treatment:

  • Scaling and corrosion of pipes caused by biological activity (biofilm and algae growth)

  • Fouling of filling material caused by algae in cooling tower

  • Frequent emptying of basins from sludge and bioactive material

  • Poor heat transfer due to biofilm formation - loss of energy/money

  • Usage of dangerous chemicals in case of algae growth prevention

  • Generally high operating and maintenance costs

  • No effective on-the-line biological activity control

Positive effects after anolyte treatment of cooling system:

  • Elimination of biofilm and algae formation

  • Increased heat transfer - lower energy loss

  • Increased working time of cooling system

  • Usage of ecologically friendly substances (Anolyte)

  • Excellent dosing control through Redox potential measurement/control

  • Savings on energy

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