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Alkaline Ionized Water

Elevate your bottled water business with OmniLyte’s 
cutting-edge alkaline ionization technology

Benefits of Adding Alkaline Ionized Water to your Bottled Water Business

Investing in quality equipment and adding alkaline ionized water into your product line can provide your business with a unique selling opportunity that has an increased market demand and higher profitability potential. While catering to the health-conscious consumers, the added benefits include: 

  • Market differentiation

  • Increased demand for healthier beverage options 

  • Higher profit margins, with consumers willing to pay a premium for healthier water

  • Increased productivity and efficiency with our specialized high-performance equipment

  • Diversification of your product line

  • Brand reputation and consumer trust

Alkaline Ionized Water Generator with OmniLyte Alkalizer.jpg

Why choose OmniLyte ECO generators?

The Omnilyte Alkalizer Pro-4800 Series is engineered to produce high-quality Alkaline or Acidic Ionized Water at a high capacity with a compact footprint and operator intervention. The Alkalizer is constructed using the highest-quality components and materials, ensuring reliable operation and exceptional performance.

The electrolysis process adds minerals and micro-clusters the water, resulting in better hydration. This process also adds electrons (making it antioxidant) and concentrates the essential Alkaline Ions, giving you great tasting alkaline water and optimal health benefits.

The powerful, intuitive UniStream® PLC System allows precise remote-control adjustments of essential parameters of PH, TDS, ORP, Flow, and Blending Ratio, along with monitoring all processes. Our composite skid-mounted Alkalizers allow for rapid installation and forklift portability if needed. The Pro-Series Generators are available with water outputs ranging from 22-70 GPM (31,000-100,000 GPD).

Alkaline Inoized Water Bottling Install (1).jpg

Key features of our units include: 

  • Advanced Industrial Ionizer

  • High Efficiency Recovery: ~90-95%

  • Chlorine/Acid/Alkaline Neutralizing System (Drain Discharge)

  • Alkaline Water Chlorine Monitoring

  • Soft-closing Motorized Control/Modulating Valves

  • Industrial PH, TDS, ORP, Inline Probes

  • Grundfos DDA Series Smart Digital Metering Pumps

  • Grundfos CM Series SS Multi-stage Lift Pump

  • Keyence Ultrasonic Flowmeters

  • Compact Pre/Post Automated Mineral System Metering

  • UL/CSA Electrical Certification

  • NSF/ANSI-61 Certification

Want to know more about the units and ionizing process?

alkaline ionized water bottles

Ready to enhance your product offerings and cater to the health-conscious consumer with Alkaline Ionized Water?

Alkaline Ionized Water has gained popularity due to its potential health benefits, offering bottled water companies an opportunity to differentiate themselves from competitors and tap into the growing consumer base seeking healthier water options. 

What is Alkaline Ionized Water and why should you consider adding it to your product line?

Alkaline ionized water refers to water that has undergone an ionization process to increase its pH level, making it more alkaline. This process results in a product that many experts say have added health benefits over regular bottled water, such as:

  • Helping balance your body’s pH levels, supporting overall health 

  • Improving hydration by allowing your body to absorb and hydrate more effectively than regular water

  • Improving digestion by reducing over-acidic conditions and increasing stabilized oxygen

  • Alkaline water has a low redox potential and is rich in electrons, making it an antioxidant

  • Enhancing athletic performance by reducing fatigue and improving recovery rate

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Service & Installation

With years of experience, OmniLyte can provide recommendations on the water filtration, water purifiers or water treatment systems you need and have full-time technicians that can install and service your system. Since 2014, we have designed, installed, and serviced many successful ECA generator systems across North America.

With offices in the USA and Canada, OmniLyte offers a wide variety of machine options with optional accessories such as ECA generator water pre-treatment, salt brine tanks, product solution tanks, flow meters, metering pumps, and more. We use the highest quality parts and suppliers to ensure the highest reliability of our ECA systems. Based on capacity, system specifications, and on-site space considerations, OmniLyte can provide a free design quote including floor layout and a process diagram of the ECA system. Our specialty is skid-mounted, pre-piped, and pre-wired equipment allowing for quick installation.

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