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Disinfection for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs

commercial pool water generator

Continuously injecting Anolyte solutions render the swimming water swimmable without the adverse effects of chlorine. Anoyte solutions destroy all bacteria, viral organisms, fungi, and algae at a neutral pH level. It is particularly relevant for sensitive skin, which is more easily damaged by exposure to chlorine-treated water. By maintaining the cleanliness of the filter beds, secondary contamination of the filtered water is prevented. The disappearance of chlorine smell, absence of burning eyes sensation, and negative skin reactions all make the water a more pleasant environment to swim in. This disinfection system has been used in several swimming pools has been approved by the authorities as a preferable alternative to chlorinating.

Pools from Argentina, Italy, and Spain reported the following findings and benefits:

  • Results show that the daily addition of Anolyte solutions at a ratio of 1:1000 liters guarantees effective decontamination of water.

  • This result is confirmed by data obtained from the microbiological experiments carried out by the authorities, which state that the chemical composition of the treated water matches the required standards. 

  • The pool users have commented on the disappearance of chlorine smell, absence of burning eye sensation, and negative skin reaction.

  • The production of the solution is far less hazardous to personnel given that there are no fumes, unlike in other processes.

  • The labor time for water decontamination has decreased because operating the equipment is simple.

  • The solution causes no sediment to attach to the plant, i.e., pipes, etc. There is no need to disassemble equipment such as injector pumps for cleaning, unlike other systems.

  • The expenses for water decontamination are three times lower annually compared to hypochlorite.

Neutral Anolyte for Swimming Pools

OmniLyte Comparison of Anolyte to Chlorine

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