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OmniLyte Alkaline Water Bottling Projects

Water Bottling Projects - Installed Locations

OmniLyte alkalizer equipment proudly powers alkaline bottled water production ventures across North America enabling manufacturers to produce and bottle superior alkaline ionized water right at their facilities.

Discover how our water ionizers can transform your bottled water business.

Redefining Bottled Water
with Alkaline Ionizations

The bottled water industry has witnessed a rising demand for healthier beverage alternatives. By integrating alkaline ionized water into your lineup, your brand can offer:


Unique Market Positioning: Stand out with a premium, health-centric product in a competitive market.


Higher Profit Margins: Leverage the growing health wave. Offer consumers a premium product they're willing to pay more for.

OmniLyte's Imprint: Across the Map

Our advanced equipment is trusted by water bottling manufacturers from North America, and beyond. Our installations are not just about equipment; they symbolize partnerships, commitment, and the shared goal of delivering superior bottled water to consumers.

Interested in adding bottled alkaline water to your product offering?

Contact us to discuss our private-label alkaline water bottling packages.

Why Alkaline Ionized Water is the Future

Intrinsic Health Benefits: Studies have shown Alkaline water balances the body’s pH levels, enhances hydration, boosts digestion, offers antioxidant properties, and even elevates athletic performance.

Consumer Trust: Offering alkaline ionized water can bolster your brand's reputation among health-conscious consumers and potentially amplify customer loyalty.

OmniLyte ECO Generators:
The Heart of the Operation

20211006_101148 (8).jpg

Engineered for excellence, our ECO generators are purpose-built for bottled water facilities:


  • Seamless Integration: OmniLyte's systems are designed to fit smoothly into your existing production line, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

  • Quality and Reliability: With features like the Advanced Industrial Ionizer, High-Efficiency Recovery, and a myriad of certifications, our generators promise unmatched performance.

  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you're a small-scale boutique brand or a large-scale manufacturer, OmniLyte has solutions tailored to your needs, from output capacity to space considerations.


Become an Alkaline Water
Bottle Manufacturer 

We have successfully installed equipment for alkaline water bottling projects in various locations, catering to manufacturers of bottled water. Whether in the U.S. or Canada, OmniLyte's presence is making a mark in the bottled water manufacturing industry.


By infusing your product line with alkaline ionized water, you're not just diversifying your offerings; you're future-proofing your brand in an ever-evolving market. As health trends continue to influence consumer choices, isn't it time you elevated your bottled water business?

Explore how OmniLyte can redefine your water bottling enterprise.
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