CG Catholyte Generators


Envirolyte GH-40 anolyte/catholyte generator is designed to produce on site and on demand neutral anolyte only or neutral anolyte and catholyte for a multitude of applications wherever there is a need for disinfection and cleaning.


The GH-40 generator is unique since it does not require connection to any pressurized source water. Using minimal ~4.5 g/l-mixed brine directly from storage container with integral pump to produce anolyte and catholyte at any given time or on pre-programed schedule.


The advantages of ease of installation and operation, as well as efficacy of disinfecting and washing fluids make the GH-40 generator an attractive choice and sustainable source of disinfecting and washing fluids for hotels, schools, hospitals, public buildings, care homes, super markets, recreation facilities, swimming pools and SPA centers etc.

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