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Electrolized Oxidizing Water Generators -  HD Series
(Advanced ECA Technology)

This invention aims to extend the range of HOCL concentration and produce ECA Solutions with active chlorine concentrations ranging from 1000 to 8000 ppm using a patented diaphragm round cell electrolyzer. The ELA-HD Series generators are used where higher FAC concentrations are needed.

OmniLyte HD-series ECA Generators are designed to produce Anolyte using minimal salt and energy. Only 3,0 grams of NaCl and ~4,3 watts of energy are required to generate 1 gram of FAC, which is 5 and 3 times less than in standard ECA series Generators.

ELA1000HD_topleftlogo - Sept 09, 2022.png

High Free Active Chlorine anolyte concentrations may be required for some markets like municipal water treatment and industrial applications. A high level of FAC may result in savings on other installation components such as dosing pumps, storage tanks, shipping, etc. Also, businesses bottling and packaging anolyte for retail may see it as a benefit.

The HD anolyte's pH depends on the source water's pH, but generally, it is pH ~7.3. pH of the solution can be regulated via PLC setting to ~4,5-7,5 range. Contrary to the standard ELA-series generators, the HD-series does not produce Catholyte as a side product in commercially in viable volumes. Although the Catholyte is highly concentrated, the catholyte flow is only ~ 0.4% of the total flow specific for a particular machine. Catholyte is water-based and can be easily disposed of or used for many cleaning applications. Therefore, should your application imply the use of catholyte, we advise you to consider a standard ELA Anolyte generator or a catholyte series ECA generator;

The product portfolio of HD-series ECA generators depends on FAC concentration and Litre/hour output capacity requirements. 

HD-Series Features

  • Durable Grundfos Brine Pumps

  • Industry's Lowest Salt and Power Consumption

  • High Catholyte Concentration

  • Ethernet Remote Access

  • Automatic pH Control

  • Touch Screen and Easy to Use

  • Fully Automatic Operation

  • 1000 to 8000ppm 4kg/H FAC Settings

  • pH Setting range: 4-7.5 pH

  • 30-500 Litre/Hour solution capacity 

  • Simplified Advanced Design

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