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OmniLyte XE-Series ECA Generators

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Empowering Efficiency with Every Drop

Meet the future of on-site cleaning and disinfection: the OmniLyte XE-Series. Engineered with precision and sustainability at its core, the XE-Series transforms ordinary food-grade salt, water, and minimal energy into powerful sanitizing solutions right at your facility.


Designed for versatility, the XE-Series excels in a range of industries, providing solutions for municipal water treatment, improving livestock health, healthcare, and commercial applications, and ensuring top-tier sanitation and corrosion control.

Key Features


Intuitive PLC Touch Screen

Effortless operation with user-friendly controls, designed for both tech-savvy and novice users, ensuring accessibility across all levels of technical expertise.

Additional Features


Safe HOCL Production


Generate hypochlorous acid within a 100-500 ppm range, providing a versatile, safe, and effective sanitization method for various applications


Automatic pH Regulation


Seamlessly maintains a pH range of 2-7.5, automatically adjusting to meet diverse system requirements and ensuring optimal effectiveness of the sanitizing solutions.

The OmniLyte XE-Series is designed for  efficiency and ease of use, featuring a fully automatic 'plug & play' system that comes with lockable wheels, adding unparalleled mobility and flexibility to your operations. Its advanced design includes a robust composite system architecture with premium components such as durable Grundfos DDA  metering pumps, which are known for their reliability and longevity. 


This series is not only built to last but also to operate economically, consuming minimal amounts of salt and power to keep operational costs low. Additionally, each unit comes with essential certifications like UL/CSA Electrical and NSF Certification, ensuring it meets rigorous safety and compliance standards.

Product Specifications

  • Models Available: XE-200, XE-400, XE-900, XE-1200

  • Capacity: Efficiently meets various operational demands with options ranging from 20 liters per hour (LPH) to 120 LPH.

  • Materials: Constructed using high-durability materials including powder coated steel composite  skid assembly and fiberglass enclosures, guaranteeing a long service life and resilience in challenging environments.

How Does It Work?

ECA Technology

The OmniLyte XE-Series employs a sophisticated yet straightforward electrochemical activation process to generate two distinct types of solutions: an alkaline solution and an acidic solution. This is achieved by using approximately 0.15% salt brine and purified water, providing a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional chemical cleaning agents.

Enhanced Safety

The unique aspect of ECA technology lies in its ability to alter the chemical composition, acidity, or alkalinity of water, enabling these disinfecting solutions to perform various functions without the need for additional hazardous chemicals. The process is not only safer and more environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, as it reduces the need for extensive safety measures and disposal processes associated with traditional chemicals​

Electro-Chemically Activated (ECA) technology harnesses the principles of electrochemistry to produce activated solutions through a process known as electrolyzed water technology. In the ECA process, water, salt (sodium chloride), and electricity are used to create two separate solutions: Anolyte and Catholyte. This is accomplished by passing an electric current through the saltwater solution, which is separated into two parts by a diaphragm within the electrolyzer cell.


The cell consists of two chambers: one with a positive electrode (anode) and the other with a negative electrode (cathode). The salt solution is split into acidic (Anolyte) and alkaline (Catholyte) components by the electric current. The Anolyte solution is acidic and contains hypochlorous acid (HOCl), a potent disinfectant. Meanwhile, the Catholyte solution is alkaline and acts as a degreasing agent. This dual functionality makes ECA technology incredibly efficient for a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting applications.

Environmental Impact

By opting for the XE-Series for on-site cleaning solutions, you contribute to a greener planet. The system significantly reduces the need for chemical transport and storage, lowering your carbon footprint and enhancing workplace safety.

Disinfecting Solutions for Many Industries

The XE-Series is particularly effective for disinfecting in environments requiring stringent hygiene standards and where chemical use is a concern, such as:

  • Municipal water treatment facilities: The XE-Series provides a reliable and effective solution to disinfect and manage water quality at scale. The generated Anolyte solution is particularly effective for eliminating bacteria and viruses in public water systems, ensuring safe drinking water for communities. 

  • Agricultural operations, especially livestock: Maintaining high standards of hygiene is crucial for animal health. The XE-Series generates solutions for sanitizing animal housing, equipment, and for animal health care procedures. The Anolyte provides high-level disinfection without the residues associated with traditional chemicals, enhancing biosecurity.

  • Hydroponics industry: HOCl is an excellent nutrient additive, allowing you to elevate your water or nutrient solution to near optimal ORP levels. It’s safe, nontoxic, and prevents build-up of biofilms and scale in your hydroponic pipes.

  • Healthcare institutions: The system's ability to produce a consistent supply of hypochlorous acid ensures surfaces, tools, and facilities can be effectively sanitized to combat healthcare-associated infections

  • Food processing plants: The XE-Series' Anolyte solution is safe for use in food environments, offering powerful antimicrobial properties to help reduce pathogens on surfaces and equipment. Its eco-friendly profile ensures that the food processed remains free of harmful chemical residues.

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Certifications and Highlights

Our generators come with significant approvals and certifications that underline their efficiency and safety, including:

  • NSF/ANSI-61 Certification

  • UL/CSA Electrical Certification

  • Please review our approvals page for a comprehensive list.

Replacement Parts

OmniLyte is your one-stop shop for components and spare parts for overnight shipping. For information on replacement parts and accessories for your XE-Series unit, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can an OmniLyte XE-Series ECA Generator benefit my business?

The OmniLyte XE-Series ECA Generator significantly benefits your business by producing on-site cleaning and disinfecting solutions, reducing dependency on externally sourced chemicals. This not only cuts down on costs associated with purchasing, transporting, and storing chemical products but also enhances your operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. The generator produces solutions that are effective and safe, making it ideal for a range of industries from healthcare to agriculture.​

What makes the XE-Series ECA Generators different than other disinfecting options in the market?

The OmniLyte XE-Series stands out due to its advanced features and efficiency. It boasts an intuitive PLC touch screen for ease of use, and automatic pH regulation, ensuring optimal effectiveness of the produced solutions. The systems are fully automated, portable, and designed for low salt and power consumption, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than many alternatives. Additionally, the XE-Series is equipped with high-quality, durable components and offers both NSF and UL/CSA Electrical certifications, ensuring reliability and safety.

Can the units handle large-scale operations?

Yes, the OmniLyte XE-Series is designed to accommodate a range of operation scales. With models varying in capacity from 20 liters per hour (LPH) to 120 LPH, the XE-Series can efficiently handle large-scale operations. Whether you are running a municipal water treatment plant, a large agricultural operation, or a healthcare facility, there is a suitable XE-Series model designed to meet your needs, ensuring continuous, reliable output for extensive cleaning and disinfecting requirements.

What kind of maintenance is required?

The OmniLyte XE-Series ECA Generators are designed for ease of maintenance. Routine maintenance typically includes regular monitoring of the system’s performance through its integrated logging features and ensuring the salt and water inputs are replenished as needed. The systems' modular design allows for easy access to all components for any necessary servicing. Occasional checks and cleaning of the electrolytic cell, filters, and pumps are recommended to ensure optimal performance. Detailed maintenance guidelines are provided with each unit to help you keep your system running smoothly. Plus, the team at OmniLyte are experts in ECA technology, and we have in-house and field technicians to carry out on-site and remote support.

Have More Questions?

For more details on how the OmniLyte XE-Series can benefit your operation, click to book an appointment with one of our specialists, or call us directly at 1 (800) 419-5707.

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