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ANW Type of Anolyte Generators
(Envirolyte Technology)

OmniLyte ANW machines are designed to produce anolyte using less salt and energy. About 1,5 g of NaCl and ~ 4 W of energy are required to generate 1 L of anolyte with ~ 500 ppm of FAC, which is 5 and 2,5 times less than in standard ELA machines.

Reduction of salt and energy consumption is critical for such markets like municipal water treatment, healthcare, industrial applications where a high level of sanitation is required with no or very low residue of salts, also applications where the risk of corrosion is critical, and therefore content of chlorides in the treated water must be reduced to a minimum, e.g., cooling towers and cooling water disinfection.


Apart from salt and energy consumption, OmniLyte ANW anolyte generators have some distinct differences from our standard ELA or EL type of machines, such as:

  • As always, the pH of ANW anolyte depends on the pH of the source water, but generally, it is pH~7,5. It is the standard specification of ANW type of generators, but optionally: the pH can be regulated in the range pH~2,5-7,5. Regulation of pH requires the installation of some extra components in ANW machines. Therefore your requirement for pH correction should be specified when ordering;

  • Contrary to the standard anolyte generators, ANW machines do not produce catholyte as a side product in commercially viable volumes. The catholyte flow is ~ 0,4% of the total flow specific for a particular machine; it is totally based on water and can be easily disposed of in the environment. Therefore should your application imply the use of catholyte, we advise you to consider EL or ELA standard anolyte generator or a special catholyte generator;


Installation requirements for ANW type of anolyte generators are similar to those of EL or ELA machines.

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