About Us

OmniLyte is the North American distributor of Envirolyte products, specializing in innovative applications where Anolyte ECA solutions, including alkaline ionized drinking water and alcohol-free disinfectants, are preferred over traditional chemical alternatives. 

In 2014, OmniLyte first began operating out of Canada and has since grown to include a registered company in the USA and added re-sellers in both.

Focused on delivering high value on the customer needs allows us to eliminate lost time and cost by leveraging our many years of experience in this field. In order to reduce downtime, our distribution facility location allows us to take care of domestic and international shipping right to your doorsteps anywhere in North America. Follow-on support and service contracts are available and include a minimum 1-year warranty on all sales. 

OmniLyte provides composite turn-key Water Treatment Systems and supplemental equipment for various market applications with full-time service technicians and office staff to help ensure long-term customer satisfaction. We continually advance our high-quality product portfolio offering by sourcing the best equipment and optimizing unique system designs with special fabrication techniques for our OmniSan™ Anolyte Solutions.

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Our Mission

The OmniLyte team is committed to using leading-edge technologies in providing effective and non-toxic solutions for disinfection/sanitation, water treatment, and commercial Alkaline Ionized Water to the agricultural, commercial, and industrial markets.