Omnilyte first began operating out of Canada in 2014, and has since grown to include a registered company in the USA and added re-sellers in both.  We are the North American distributor of Envirolyte products, specialized in various applications from Livestock Drinking Water; Public Water Systems; Swimming Pools; Greenhouses; Hospitality; Oil Fracking and more.


Providing complete turn-key Anolyte & Catholyte Water Treatment Systems-our team also brings over a decade of hands on experience with ECA technology. Full time Service Technicians and Office Staff  help to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.  In order to reduce downtime, our distribution facility location allows us to take care of domestic and international shipping right to your door anywhere in North America. Follow-on support and Service contracts are available and include a minimum 1 year Warranty on all sales.


We are committed to using leading-edge technologies in providing effective, non-toxic solutions of disinfection/sanitation; water treatment; and commercial Alkaline Ionized Water to the Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial markets.


Envirolyte Technology

Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA) is the generation of safe, effective, environmentally-friendly sanitizing disinfectants and cleaners by passing ordinary water containing dissolved sodium chloride, through an  electrolytic cell (Electrolysis). It is mainly performed with aqueous liquids separated by membrane whereby two separate solutions are produced; an Oxidant (Anolyte) and an Anti-Oxidant (Catholyte). It has been repeatedly shown that micro-organisms cannot build up a tolerance to ECA technology.