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Booster Pumps
Franklin Electric


Inline 400

The Inline 400 is designed to be compact and economical to meet all your pressure-boosting needs. The unit's symmetrical design allows for easy installation (mounting either vertically or horizontally) while also enabling it to work with your existing plumbing configuration.


BT4 Series

20FBT3S4 #95832080

20FBT3C4 #95882035

15FBT2C4 #95881525

7FBT1C4 #95880715

5FBT1C4 #958805

The BT4 horizontal booster pump is a low to medium capacity, high pressure, multi-stage unit. The BT4 can function as a multi-purpose high-pressure pump, boosting water pressure from either city mains or private water systems. It is also ideal for applications that require more pressure than flow. Size ranges from 5 GPM to 25 GPM.

booster pumps.jpg

4" High Capacity 90FA5S4-PE Submersible Well Pump End Only 90 GPM 5.0 HP

Ideal for farm, home, irrigation, industry, municipal and commercial applications, equipped with the power, performance, and reliability you expect from Franklin Electric. Flow ratings of 35, 45, 60, and 90 GPM with TDH up to 1200 ft. Horsepower ranges from 1 to 10 hp.


TE-6-MD-HC - Little Giant Magnetic Drive Pump


Circulation of highly corrosive acids, alkalis, solvents, brine, plating solutions, sterile solutions, and other highly corrosive chemicals and solutions that are compatible with the pump's material of construction



Little Giant 566611, Model PE-2F-PW, Series PE, Direct Drive Pond Pump, 1/40 HP, 115 Volts, 1 Phase, 5 GPM, 1/4" Discharge, 15 ft Cord

This direct-drive pump is designed to operate continuously and produces greater starting torque and pressure than comparable mag-drive pumps. Direct-drive pumps are ideal for use in filtration, waterfalls, and streams. Prefilter is included to protect the pump.


1-EUAA-MD Aquarium Pump, 1/200 HP, 115

The newest 1-EUAA-MD features a leakproof, seal-less "Salty Sub 1" Magnetic Drive and is recommended for salt or freshwater applications. Little Giant 1-EUAA-MD dual-purpose, epoxy-encapsulated Aquarium Pump has a 1/2" OD (Outside Diameter) Intake for inline use and a screened inlet for submersible use. Epoxy-encapsulated (non-oil filled) motor has a 1/2" OD Discharge with a head capacity of 5' with fluid temperature operation up to 120F. The volute and magnet housing of 1-EUAA-MD are glass-filled polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance. Little Giant's Impeller is glass-filled polypropylene and ceramagnet "A" (barium ferrite). The shaft is ceramic, and thrust washers are Rulon "J" (Teflon), providing wear and trouble-free service. Little Giant's powerful 1/200 HP Encapsulated, thermally protected, totally enclosed motor delivers 1.75 GPM of fluids at a 3' total dynamic head. Pumping heads are easily rotated, cleaned, or serviced with no special tools. The spindle shaft is supported at both ends to prevent impeller damage during the start-up and stop of a pump. Little Giant 1-EUAA-MD has been factory-tested for capacity, control operation, and electrical continuity to assure maximum performance and safety.

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