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Founder/Managing Director



Office Manager



Manager, Production and Tech Services

OmniLyte takes pride in the talents, skills, and expertise of its team members. Take a moment to meet the founder and the key people behind OmniLyte!



OmniLyte exists to empower businesses, people, and our planet with non-toxic and effective disinfectant, sanitization, water treatment, and commercial alkaline ionized water solutions, guiding innovation today for a safer tomorrow.


We innovate in camaraderie, merging a can-do attitude with natural & sustainable solutions.

1. We take future-oriented responsibility for a safe, non-toxic, and conscious world.

2. We deliver reliable and willing service strengthened by distinct technical knowledge.

3. We build relationships that last long-term through personalized partnership and integrity.

4. We create progressive solutions with a dynamic lens and holistic consideration.

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Joining trade fairs/expositions is one of the fun activities at OmniLyte. 

OmniLyte proudly attended the World Pork Expo 2022 last June 08-10 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds!


It was two full days of fun and excitement as we showcased our eco-friendly anolyte generators, disinfectants, and more at booth V1000 with Ray Mast & Jim Seubert!


World Pork Expo is the world's largest pork-specific event that brings together pork producers and industry professionals from around the world and is hosted by the National Pork Producers Council.



Emily, Office Manager

I am fortunate enough to work with the best companies on different continents for more than 20 years. More grateful to continue my career with OmniLyte as an Office Manager. OmniLyte is a company founded with a deep mission and values of earth-friendly innovation in water treatment technology and nontoxic disinfectants. It is a company where a leader connects to its employees, the culture of excellence in service, the value of diversity, and teamwork, and we are continually growing! With OmniLyte everyone is unique. I enjoy working here!


Yanlin, Mechanical Engineer

I currently work as a Mechanical Engineer at OmniLyte in Wawanesa, Manitoba. This is a dynamic, progressive, and innovative company to work for. We merge Electrolyzed Water Generators (ECA) and specialized knowledge to deliver effective disinfectants and water treatment equipment for various industries. Every employee at OmniLyte loves sharing, helping, and lifting others. I am so glad to work with all my colleagues in designing and manufacturing ECA systems and water treatment equipment.


Chirag, Production Manager

As OmniTeam, while thinking about our people, and our community,  putting people's safety is our top priority. 


When we think about people's safety, we like to be prepared in advance for sanitization and disinfection, in an environmentally friendly way to care for both, our community and the environment. 


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