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(Envirolyte Technology)

Further Development

The OmniLyte ELA-3000 is a further development of automated OmniLyte machines to suit our customer's needs for automation in generating activated solutions.

The OmniLyte ELA-3000 has been designed for the production of Neutral Anolyte only.

Full automation and easy operating procedures give the added benefits to rapid delivery of fast-acting disinfectant - Neutral Anolyte.

The current setting can adjust the strength of Neutral Anolyte in terms of active chlorine concentration.


The Key Features And General Specifications

  • The control system of ELA-3000 units is simple and easy to operate. It can be altered to suit different applications and conditions. 

  • A flow controller is installed in the Hydraulic part to shut the OmniLyte unit if there is an interruption of water supply and to start the unit as soon as water flow resumes. 

  • The enclosures are made of non-corrosive materials. Tubes and connectors are made of EPDM/PVDF plastics and are highly resistant to aggressive solutions. 

  • All input and output connectors are located on the sides of the boxes to allow them wall-mountable. 

  • A simple on/off switch with a power indicator starts and stops the ELA-3000 units manually. 

  • Level switches enable to start and stop of ELA-3000 units automatically.

  • An alarm is inbuilt in the unit but can be arranged in any remote area through an external connection.

  • The reset button allows to start and stop units regardless of level switchers position.

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