OmniSan200® Anolyte

Omnilyte presents the Technology of Electro-Chemical Activation of water. ECA technology involves the electrolysis of molten salts. it utilizes electrolytic cells encompassing as anode chamber separated from the cathode chamber by a unidirectional ionic ceramic diaphragm. the electrolytic cells allow migration and separation of ion through the membrane and prevention of the production of gaseous chlorine. bypassing an electrical current thought the solution, an electrochemical or red-ox process occurs and generates oxidized species. ECA electrolysis process is one in which positive and negative electrodes are submerged in a solute containing positive and negative ions. 

The use of alcohol-based sanitizer and bleach is quite widespread. Alcohol-based sanitizers are enough effective for the hands, but not for hard surfaces for a long time. The new best we have here is HOCl. The very same chemical compound produced by our white blood cells as a part of the immune system. HOCl is recorded to be more than 80 times more effective than other sanitizers widespread in the market. Our technology avails the world with this immunity outside the controlled system of the human body. and it is not as toxic as bleach.

OmniSan200 Anolyte is a disinfecting liquid solution, that is nontoxic and easily treatable and safe to use for all hard surfaces. Our solution to the broad spectrum of bacteria and viruses is OmniSan200.

The Anolytic solution we present to the world is OmniSan200. This disinfecting solution contains the active ingredient of Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and Water (H20). The properties of these components with correct methodology acts as a disinfectant and sanitizing agents. OmniSan200 is an electro-chemically activated product that involves the use of Brine water, Electricity, Minerals and special company methods separation of analytic and catalytic solutions, that are prime to obtain the best results for this time of Pandemic.

OmniSan200 is a versatile solution to the modern microbial problems and replaces other chlorine disinfectants. OmniSan200 is completely noncorrosive, nonflammable, sustainable, stable, effective and ready to use anytime. Doctors have been suggesting HOCl products in healthcare for a long time. It is now time to step forward to the new heights with OmniSan200.

OmniSan200 is completely organic and biodegradable. Hence this ecofriendly solution is completely viable for agricultural usage.  USDA has approved HOCl as a post-harvest. HOCl solution can be utilized for organic food production. 

Contact with skin, eyes and teeth is not a problem because there are no harsh chemicals in OmniSan200. It is in fact quite gentle on skin, it has been used in cosmetic industries for a long time. OmniSan200 can be used in Healthcare, Janitorial services, Oil & gas field, Gyms, Livestock & Poultry, Childcare center, Education sectors, Flights, Cruise and many more. OmniSan200 is a powerful disinfectant and highly effective in antimicrobial care. 

OmniSan200 is easy to store and use. Spillage is not an issue. Degrading of this disinfectant ends up with a saltwater solution which is completely safe to deal with and easy to discard.  

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