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Industrial Water Ionizers
(Envirolyte Technology)

For Those, Who Take Care Of Their Health

OmniLyte ECO units are designed for efficiently Ionizing drinking water while raising the PH of the water to the desired level. This process micro-clusters the water resulting in better hydration while adding electrons to it, making it an antioxidant.

The ECA process effectively reduces heavy metal content to European safety standards. It produces pleasant-tasting potable water, retaining most of its valuable mineral contents.

The process involved in potable water production has been developed over many years and still has no analogs. OmniLyte ECO units have reviewed technical and independent performance, confirming the neutralization of all hazardous substances in drinking water for Human Health.

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You Have Made The Right Choice!

Water purification in OmniLyte ECO units is achieved by oxidation and reduction that destroy and neutralize all hazardous substances. The concept of water treatment in OmniLyte ECO units may be summarized as follows: such treatment removes everything that is harmful to an alien to a human body and retains all that is useful and harmless.

OmniLyte water possesses excellent absorption and hydrating potential, synthesizing water with smaller cluster sizes and greater concentration of soluble minerals. It reduces over-acidic conditions, and increases stabilized oxygen in the human body, contributing to better digestion. OmniLyte water is slightly alkaline, has a low ORP (Oxigen Reduction, redox potential), and is rich in electrons, which makes it an antioxidant.

Pure and clean water is paramount for good health. If we combine it with a well-balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, and regular exercise, we'll be rid of the acidic waste that bad eating and drinking habits form in our body

The Key Features And General Specifications

  • A self-cleaning cycle has been programmed into the machine, which ensures easy maintenance and maximum productivity.

  • The unique design of the diaphragmatic cell ensures that the water being processed has maximum contact with the electrodes. Therefore the most effective use of energy and better treatment is achieved.

  • There is minimal hydraulic resistance against water flowing through the cell chambers, so the optimum flow rate is achieved.

  • The electrodes are designed to endure high electrochemical loading, as are the membranes.

  • The enclosure is made of non-corrosive materials. Tubes and connectors are of EPDM/PVDF plastics.

  • A simple on/off switch with a power indicator starts and stops the unit manually.

  • No moveable or replaceable parts.

How Does It Work?

  • The water purification process in OmniLyte ECO units includes anodic electrolytic oxidation with simultaneous removal of cations, electrocatalytic and chemical additional oxidation in an intermediate vortical reactor tank, and catalytic purification in a catalytic reactor.

  • The unit consists of a diaphragmatic electrochemical flow-through type cell, a catalytic reactor, a vortical reaction chamber, and a VDC power source. The electrodes in the reactor have a special coating, which includes oxide ruthenium, iridium, platinum, and titanium. The ultrafiltration ceramic diaphragm made of zirconium, yttrium, and aluminum oxides is located between the anode and cathode chambers. It prevents the water in the anode and cathode chambers from mixing, thereby providing ion migration in an electric field between the anode and cathode. The design of diaphragmatic cells ensures the contact of all micro volumes of water flowing through the anode or cathode electrode chamber with an electrode surface, in the vicinity of which (in the so-called Double Electric Layer - DEL) the electric intensity reaches 100,000 to 10,000,000 V/cm. It ensures a high quality of electrolytic and electrocatalytic water Ionization.

  • Water Ionized by OmniLyte ECO units acquires biocide properties, stimulates biological oxidation, and can provide indirect electrochemical detoxification of the human body through oxidation hydroxylation of uremic and other toxins.

  • In the course of anode unipolar electrochemical treatment, the water within fractions of a second becomes saturated with highly active oxidants.

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  • Processes of direct electrolytic oxidation (on the electrode surface) and electro-catalytic oxidation ensure the destruction of organic impurities. End products of the total oxidation of all organic matter (including phenols) are generally harmless, mostly carbon dioxide and water.

  • Extremely high oxidation-reduction potential of the water directly in the anode chamber and meta-stable compounds of active chlorine and active oxygen participating in the reactions prevent the formation of toxic chlorine-organic substances and ensure the destruction of dioxins.

  • In the catalytic reactor, hetero-phase catalytic destruction of active chlorine compounds and heterophase catalytic oxidation of organic substances is carried out on the surface of granules of a replacement-free and regeneration-free catalyst, where active chlorine compounds decay to form highly active short-lived particles. When leaving the catalytic chamber, the water is saturated with oxygen and practically does not contain active chlorine compounds.




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