Grundfos CM and CR Pumps


CM 10-2, 15-2, 15-3

Compact, reliable, horizontal, multistage, end-suction centrifugal pump with axial suction port and radial discharge port. Pump materials in contact with the liquid are in high-grade stainless steel. The mechanical shaft seal is a special designed, unbalanced O-ring seal. Pipework connection is via internal Whitworth pipe threads, Rp (ISO 7/1).

The pump is fitted with a 3-phase, foot-mounted, fan-cooled asynchronous motor.


CR 10-6

Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with inlet and outlet ports on same the level (inline). The pump head and base are in cast iron – all other wetted parts are in stainless steel. A cartridge shaft seal ensures high reliability, easy handling, and easy access and service. Power transmission is via a rigid split coupling. Pipe connection is via oval flanges with internal NPT threads.